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Sesame Telecom paves the way for seamless communication across the globe. Whether it be retail or wholesale VOIP termination, the quality and efficiency of the VOIPs are ensured.


With free inward calls, there is no need to call an extension with our DID numbers. Available in over 70 countries, we are expanding our network to all countries of the world.

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Best routes and best rates

Specially tailored for businesses including call centers, small start-ups, carriers, and various other telecommunication providers, Sesame Telecom takes the lead by providing quality VOIP termination.

Being connected with several trusted tier-1 VOIP providers, Sesame Telecom is widely spread over 250 countries worldwide, and we pride ourselves on offering premium quality telecommunication at the most affordable prices.

We are a team of passionate members who are well-versed and highly experienced professionals. With over 20 years of service experience in the international VOIP business, we never compromise on the quality.

Our customer support is available in French, Portuguese, and English to ease our customers.


International coverage

Our local direct inward dialing numbers are easily accessible in over 70 countries of the world. Sesame Telecom takes the lead by ensuring the following benefits to our valued users.

• Free incoming calls
• Ease of cancellation at any time
• No minimum order limit


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