DID Numbers

and Connect to the world

Get our DID’d and put the world is in your hands

Sesame Telecom offers you the most reliable yet affordable DID number services easily accessible over 70 countries with zero compromises on connection, speed and call quality. We take pride in offering reliable DID numbers that help your business grow fast.

Connect to a particular person or a specific device

Our Direct dial-up is a service that can route corporate calls through one or more virtual phone numbers. When you use a DID number, your company can choose different ways to set it up. You can set a specific endpoint to call (whether it’s a particular team member locale or a phone in the lobby) or you can create an unlimited number of extras besides the number, each locale is a company.

Our Seasame DID numbers offer the benefits of convenience for your business. By assigning one company-wide DID number or a different DID to each employee, your company can use DID numbers to meet its specific requirements. You do not have to buy or keep more than one physical phone line in the office for each DID number.

Additionally, when a caller dials a dedicated DID number to dial a particular team member’s locale; he or she will be able to contact the employee directly without first listening to the automated service menu or other notes.

Our DID numbers offer free incoming calls, and ease of cancellation at any time along with no minimum order limit.


Your Phone calls- Your Choice

Our Expansive DID phone numbers pool is ready for purchase. We publish a DID repository (sorted by area code) to check in advance whether you can get local phone numbers.

If your primary business number is the DID number, you can assign it to your phone at the front desk. In this way, all incoming calls to this number are sent directly to the receptionist. If you have dedicated customer service, sales, and other department calls, you can take advantage of our DID numbers, especially when connected to a feature-rich VoIP system.

With Seasame telecom, you can create an automated service menu and make calls to it so callers can select the section they want to talk to. If you provide a unique addition for each employee, they can call and send it to the employee immediately when the caller hears the menu. This way, you can use a DID number with an extension if needed.

Another option is to create a group of several employees. After sending an incoming call to the group, it will ring on every phone to ensure that the current first employee can answer the call.

Assign DID numbers to your employees.

With Sesame Telecom, if you assign a DID number to an employee, all incoming calls to that number will ring a specific employee’s phone. Sesame allows one user to register up to 10 phone devices. These include employee office desks, home desk phones, mobile apps, desktop apps and more. Each incoming call will ring for each registered call, only then will it answer the call on the nearest telephone device. DID numbers help you run your business swiftly in less time?

Moreover, you can change any DID phone number assignment directly in real-time on the control portal. Sign up, select a new location for your specific number and make a note. All calls to this number will be sent immediately to the new destination. Connect your business to the globally expanding network with our DID numbers.

With Seasame Telecom Dive in the sea of endless possibilities!