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A big challenge for a growing business is knowing how and when to expand your communications, especially when hiring more and expanding to more locations.  Being a successful trader requires more than just owning great products. To maximize the potential, your retail business must take advantage of technological advances and be proactive.

People’s ways of working are constantly changing, and modern organizations that want to be at the forefront must adapt and change their actions. Sesame’s cloud communications solutions are directly in line with this concept and give companies flexibility and freedom to work anywhere and anytime without losing productivity.

Employees are no longer attached to desks waiting for essential calls. Instead, your phone calls can be sent to your mobile phone, faxes and voicemail are sent directly to your inbox. Our cloud phone solution offers several features and functions to be efficient on the go when providing more traffic at work.

Keep your number

Experience the benefits of a cloud phone in protecting your existing work number. If you need a more impressive number, choose from one of the many local and international options.

Business development

Our retail solutions are designed for growth. If necessary, you need to contact your account manager to expand the contact rate.

Industry-leading infrastructure

State-of-the-art infrastructure is optimized for IP voice delivery. Our ongoing investment plan provides a high degree of flexibility, with constant updating of the infrastructure to maintain a high level of reliability, security, and scalability.

Multiple toolkits

With Mon-Fri options and 24-hour phone support, your business will meet a comprehensive support plan. So no matter how small the problem may be, you can always talk to people to find a quick solution.

Real-time network updates

You can find the latest updates about our network on a separate status page. We also broadcast relevant news through channels on social networks and report news in our network via email.

Maximum productivity

Our VoIP Office solutions offer remote operating functions. This cloud phone solution allows you to work anywhere. Suitable for flexible working hours, you can carry out essential tasks no matter where you are.

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Retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new customers, so it’s essential to make your customers happy; the happier your customers are, the greater your loyalty, and therefore the returning customers. Understand why many companies are looking for cloud communications solutions to improve customer satisfaction.
Reliability is an essential condition for applying new technologies to your business. Without a solid foundation, robust features will become useless. New technologies bring more functionality and more freedom, and time to focus on giving your best.

Be wireless

Small retailers can benefit from better communication because they can effectively implement wireless solutions that eliminate the need to strategically hide ugly wires from customers while achieving a cleaner work environment.

Future-focused solutions

Cloud phones are the future of communication, and new features are constantly being introduced. It’s easy to upgrade our solution to the latest version, so you always have the latest and most powerful system.

Long term economic benefits

You will reap long-term savings after switching to a cloud phone. Compared to traditional phones, these increases are smaller, which means you can start planning for a more profitable future.

Easy to upgrade

Our cloud phone solutions are designed to support growth and expansion. We are improving your resolution as quickly as calling your account manager. In addition, our state-of-the-art technology supports small offices and call centers in many locations.

Free Calls Via the Internet

Using our VoIP Office communicator, companies will be able to call employees for free wherever they are. This ensures that the company is working comfortably, no matter where your employees are daily.

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Sesame offers incredible retail VoIP solutions that seek to increase the convenience and robustness of next-generation VoIP technology. We offer robust, flexible, and affordable, high-quality wholesale VoIP solutions to meet the needs of high-end retail VoIP operators. VoIP One-stop VoIP is specifically designed for companies ready to provide wholesale services to our customers and want a stable, seamless, and cost-effective connection to meet their business needs. Sesame is one of the world leaders in providing perfect and reliable VoIP solutions. Our VoIP solution has been developed by the best players in the industry and is the perfect combination of the most advanced design and efficiency.

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